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Toronto, Canada. July 8, 2003. Currently being filmed in Ontario, Canada, Road to the Ring: A Boxing Journey digs beneath the surface of boxing to discover what it really takes to lace up the gloves and climb into the ring.

The documentary is being produced by John Patus under his new production banner, Stone Canyon Films and helmed by first time director, Jerry Zolner. It features coaching, training, fight nights and interview footage of local talent: Glenn 'The Butcher' Hunter, Ray Napper, Jr., and Trevor Pachkowski. The legendary Tom 'Tiger' Wright, former boxer and trainer of several Canadian and world champions, is the charismatic narrator who made it to the top of his boxing career in the 70s, only to watch it all fall apart when he got caught up in the seedy underbelly of the sport.

The story chronicles the intense physical and mental conditioning as well as the personal vulnerabilities of each of the fighters on their journey to the toughest tournament of the year, the Ontario Boxing Championships - the crucial first step on the road to the Olympic team. The documentary examines their individual fears and aspirations while Tiger seamlessly overlays his own life wisdom through the art of this sport.

Glenn 'The Butcher' Hunter, often compared to the screen legend 'Rocky', is a 22-year old powerhouse of sheer muscle who slugs through long, hard days at his family's slaughterhouse and then trains nights at the gym. Competing in the light heavyweight division, Glenn has lost only one fight in his 3-year career.

Trevor Pachkowski, a charismatic young welterweight, owes a debt of gratitude to boxing, the sport that helped him turn around an aimless, drug-fueled lifestyle. A talented rock musician and a dedicated fighter, Pachkowski must now face his greatest demon... himself.

Ray Napper, Jr., a 17-year old middleweight is one of the most talented fighters in the country. The grandson of the late Olympic boxing coach Ray Napper Sr., Ray Jr. skyrocketed to fame by winning the Canadian Lightweight Championships at the age of 15. He now faces a tough challenge: finding the discipline to lose the weight he gained on his hiatus order to step back into the ring.

All three fighters train at Napper's Boxing Club in Welland, Ontario. Its founder, Ray Napper Sr., led Canada's Olympic team, which included both Lennox Lewis and Tom Glesby, to the most medals in Canadian boxing history in Seoul, Korea.

Considered one of the toughest all around sports, many join but few have what it takes to succeed. "It's science and art in motion, it's a physical game of chess. You have to keep your focus while you move your feet, fists, and head at the same time that you are thinking about your next move."- Trevor Pachkowski

Road to the Ring: A Boxing Journey is intended to bring deeper meaning to the sport and to inspire its viewers, says Zolner. "When two fighters enter the ring, they are out there alone facing their own demons, their own fears, the unknown jabs and punches. But, most of all, it's the naked vulnerability of showing a crowd of people what they are really made of...people with expectations. We face that every day in our own lives." Zolner adds, "The true test of a champion is when a person, like the boxer, can get up and keep that positive attitude and desire to move on even after they've been knocked down a hundred times. This is what I want to capture on film."

Shot in digital video, the film is being edited and co-produced by Joe and Kyle Adam of Poor Poet Productions. Jerry Zolner, professional photographer and former Hollywood stuntman, makes both his directorial and cinematographer debut. The feature length documentary wraps principal photography this fall and is slated for film festivals, television broadcast and video release when it launches in 2004.

For more information or to schedule interviews please contact:
Melisa Richter 416-652-5592

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